Interview with The Hindu on Indian Vaccine Portal

iarani is in the news today. Jatin Ahuja, Head Developer at iarani spoke to Jaideep Deo Bhanj, The Hindu on teething problems facing apps and their inability to deal with the volumes leading to disappointment and complaints.

Excerpt from the interview – Pressure to roll out products to meet a deadline sometimes shifts the focus of developers towards delivering a product according to a client’s brief before testing whether it is user-friendly, says Jatin Ahuja, head developer at iarani, a digital transformation agency.

“User testing is the most important type of testing as when a developer is testing the application, they are unaware of how a user is going to use the product and the real problem starts there. The programming team can deliver a product but without testing, there are bound to be glitches,” Mr. Ahuja says. He adds that as a developer, he often insists on user testing and rolling out of a product in batches so that any problems that users are facing can be ironed out.