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2019-01-05 17:48:57

How Artificial Intelligence Can Support HR Managers

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way things were traditionally done in all spheres of life. The obliteration of manual errors, the reduction of redundancies, and the ability to draw inferences using clues embedded in humungous data sets has made AI a very striking tool.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way things were traditionally done in all spheres of life. The obliteration of manual errors, the reduction of redundancies, and the ability to draw inferences using clues embedded in humungous data sets has made AI a very striking tool, especially at the workplace. As a result, AI is all set to make an even more prominent appearance in the realm of those departments that were once heavily reliant on human beings alone. One such unit that is present in all kinds of businesses is Human Resources. 

Conventionally seen as a department that is driven by people for the people, the Human Resources division of a company was once upon a time responsible for a lot of operational tasks like screening resumes, scheduling interviews, answering basic employee queries, facilitating performance review discussions, etc. All these processes generated paperwork that had to be filed and stored. In the midst of these mundane chores, there was minimal scope left for HR personnel to form strategic partnerships with the businesses. With the dawn of an era of information systems, things became slightly simpler for HR folks. The days of paper were almost over. IT tools took over, and processes that used to be paper-based were automated. Artificial intelligence is now the next wave of the IT revolution. The automated tools that HR uses these days are becoming much more intuitive and intelligent. 

Here is how Artificial Intelligence can support HR managers in their day-to-day business

  1. Predictive Modeling for various HR functions: HR departments generate reams of data every day based on the work that they do. From applicant data to data of people who have resigned to compensation data to employee competency and potential information, to years of annual performance assessments, the Human Resources teams are guardians of volumes of rich data that should ideally be analyzed to draw inferences which can then be used as a basis for formulating human capital strategies. While within the gamut of HR specializations, various sub-teams do examine employee data relevant to their specialty by conducting primary statistical studies manually, there is a need for advanced tools that can churn larger sets of data and provide trends cutting across parameters. AI can help tie the diverse data sets and analyze them as a whole to give astounding results. For instance, to study attrition patterns, it is essential to not just analyze employee demographics but to also take into account salary information, performance data and competency level. Such a robust predictive model that takes into account all data points can present indicators that will drive an organization’s retention strategies.
  2. Scheduling Interviews and Meetings – HR Managers have always found this to be the most tiresome part of their jobs. Having to fix a meeting with a potential new hire or to coordinate with every stakeholder to find an agreeable time for a training session or to get all the concerned parties together for an employee performance discussion can be a painfully tedious task.  AI can take over this task for the HR managers thus freeing their time up for other more crucial tasks.
  3. Answering FAQs – It is very common to see employees calling an HR personnel or walking over to their desk to ask questions like – ‘Is Tuesday a holiday?’ or ‘Why haven’t I received my performance bonus this month?’ An AI solution can easily handle such simple employee queries. Automated responses to standard queries can help reduce time spent on manually answering such questions several times a day.
  4. Automating portions of the Recruitment Process – The initial screening of resumes based on the qualifications and experience of applicants can be taken over by AI tools. This will help in increasing the efficiency of those involved in the recruitment process – hiring managers, recruiters and HR business partners. It will also eliminate the possibility of bias related to demographical information of the candidates.
  5. Eliminating Manual Error – When processes are run manually, there is always a possibility of manual error. By automating most processes, it is possible to reduce the probability of manual error to a minimum. 
  6. Automating the Onboarding process – AI tools have the potential to take over the often repetitive task of employee onboarding from the HR Managers. AI generated virtual partners can help new hires on day one by giving them a virtual tour of the facilities, answering their questions about company policies and procedures, benefits, etc. and introducing them to the company management through virtual methods.

What once used to sound like science fiction is now a reality. Instead of worrying about losing their jobs to new-age bots, HR managers across organizations need to embrace this inevitable technological upgrade and use it to their advantage. No AI can replace the human touch. It can, however, improve the way humans work thereby making them more efficient and effective.

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