5G and Its Impact on The Internet of Things

We have all heard some news about the internet of things (IoT) and the boom that 5G will bring. But what exactly is IoT, and how is 5G making it more achievable?

5G and The Internet of Things

Imagine you are at work, and you realize that you might not have turned off the air conditioner while leaving your house. But instead of traveling all the way back home, what if you could use your smartphone to know the status of your ac and perhaps, even turn it off? Wouldn’t that be amazing and, more importantly, convenient?

This is where the Internet of Things comes in. IoT is a system that makes this achievable.

Until recently, access to the internet was limited via devices like desktop tablets or smartphones. But now, with IoT, practically all appliances can be connected to the internet and monitored remotely.

So, what exactly is this magical IoT?

The Internet of Things is a system of interrelated devices connected to the internet to transfer and receive data between each other. It is all achieved using sensors that are embedded in every physical device.

A smart home is the best example of IoT. Home appliances like the ac, doorbell, thermostats, smoke detectors, water heaters, and security alarms can be interconnected to share data with the user. Until recently, the internet helped people connect and interact with each other, but now with the help of IoT, inanimate objects or things have the ability to do the same.

One limiting factor, however, has always been bandwidth. Cellular networks have a good range but limited bandwidth. Wi-fi has good bandwidth but limited range and can be a challenge to secure.

One thing which might help with the connectivity of devices is the growth of 5G. 5G will increase cellular bandwidth by a large amount, making it much easier for IoT to network large numbers of devices together. It is going to enable much more far-reaching connectivity.

Our cities will get smarter, our cars will get smarter, and our packages will tell us when they arrive on our doorstep. The 5G revolution is coming, and it is going to help scale IoTs to a much larger scale.