Have 30 minutes? That’s enough to manage your Social Media

by Arani Chaudhuri

Arani is a Marketing Strategist and driven by data and research.

“Don’t have time for it” is the most common answer I hear for not being active on Social Media.

Social Media can be one of the most effective customer/ talent acquisition tool for your business. At the same time, it is also the most neglected tool. We have seen founders & Marketing Managers of corporates, in charge of million things, handling social media by themselves, getting completely overwhelmed and eventually giving up on it. Just like you give up on yoga on Day 3.

In reality, you can manage your Social Media by spending just 30 minutes a day. Again, just like Yoga. Consistency is the key.

Here’s a minute-by-minute guide for Social Media Management -

7 minutes: Listen

  1. Listen to your followers
    • Check notification tabs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
    • Search your brand keywords on all these channels
  2. Listen to your Industry
    • See what your competitors are doing on all channels
    • Search for your industry hashtags like #shoes #digitalmarketing etc.
  3. Listen to your Industry Influencers
    • Identify the influencers in your industry and check their timelines. This will not only help you understand the relevant topic of discussion but also improve your product/ service
    • Find new influencers and follow them

7 minutes: Engage

  1. Reply to all the brand mentions - Social Media is a two way street. All negative and positive comments must be replied to. Customers expect reply within a day
  2. Respond to potential customers - Less than 2% people tag a brand while posting on social media. This is when your "Listening to the Industry" will be useful
  3. Reply to Influencers – It’s a good practice to engage with the influencers. When they tag you, your organic reach improves
  4. Repost user generated positive feed

5 minutes: Analyze

Analysis is extremely important since you must be aware if your efforts are yielding the desired results. Otherwise you might need to tweak your strategy.

  1. Check the Insights/ Analytics tab of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and see which pots are working & which are not
  2. Check the user demographics of your followers and make sure if it aligns with your customer base
  3. Check the type of posts that are most engaging

7 minutes: Schedule you posts

Save time by scheduling your next day's posts in advance. Use Facebook Schedule, Tweet Deck to schedule your posts in advance for the next day.

4 minutes: Advertise

However small, it is highly recommended to have some advertising budget handy. It helps you reach the right audience and increase your ROI.

  1. Advertise your page to your target audience – See the progress of your ads if you have already placed your ads
  2. Boost your most valuable posts and the posts that are doing well organically
  3. Promote your page to your desired Target Audience to increase your follower base

If you have a few more minutes to spare, check out new features on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. You can also explore the new and growing channels like SnapChat. You can answer a few questions on Quora related to your industry and add your web address.

Be surprised with the results of this 30-minute a day Social Media Strategy. And please drop us a line at contact@iarani.com if you use this strategy. We have heard good things. We would like to hear more :)

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