How to Crush Your Competition with Epic Blog Content

by Augustine Antony

Augustine is a Marketing Strategist and believes good content is the key success

I’m going to team up and brainstorm with you throughout this article to help get you set up to have the most epic and expert blog out there. Have fun.

Even with all of the online content being published today, the engineering industry is still behind in producing the content that is highly searched for by other engineers, architects, contractors, construction managers and more.

But I'm not talking about just any content just for the sake of publishing content. Google says that’s not good enough.

You need to have quality content.

And let’s face it. We all want Google to like and rank our content.

So let’s brainstorm on how to create the most epic, sought-after content for your blog.

Basically, I'm saying let’s make you the “Oprah” of talk show hosts.

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