What is your Digital Marketing Objective?

by Arani Chaudhuri

Arani is a Marketing Strategist and driven by data and research.

When our clients approach us for Digital Marketing, they are usually looking to take their marketing initiatives digital or improve their digital marketing activities. Their marketing objectives fall majorly in one or more of the three categories

  1. Generate Leads
  2. Increase Sales
  3. Increase Brand Awareness

1. Generate Leads

Generating leads is one of the most common reason businesses take to Digital Marketing. Reaching out to other businesses is also one of the toughest challenges in Digital Marketing. Traditionally, B2B Marketing has mostly revolved around Direct Marketing. B2B Marketing is built on Trust. Selling a service or a product to another business becomes easier with high perceived value of a business. Higher the perceived value, easier it is to convert a lead. For example, which service are you more willing to buy- Business Email solution by Google or Yahoo? Our approach towards generating leads through Digital Marketing is as follows-

  1. We try to place our clients as thought leaders in their segment by blogging, creating reports which can be available for download on their website. A B2B business website should be content rich. Content rich websites not only makes it easier for search engines to understand the business but it also provides a high perceived value to the prospective client. It is important to note that originality of content is important. Duplicate can severely hurt SEO and also decrease the perceived value.
  2. We try to figure out the right clients (of our clients) based on inputs from our clients. We use tools like hunter.com, LinkedIn to find out the key people in the organisations our clients want to target and reach out to them using Direct Email & Linkedin InMails. Email remains one of the most effective tools of marketing, only if done correctly.
  3. Business (like people) (re)search for businesses even before they settle for their first meeting. It is important to reach out to them passively by increasing presence in social media, display advertisement. For the offline marketing gurus, this is akin to billboards, newspaper display ads. Content generated for the website can be used to populate the Social Media platforms. How a company appears on the first page of Google search is also important for branded keywords.
  4. Search Marketing is extremely important. Missing the opportunity to market to someone who has made up his mind to avail the service or buy a particular product. Paid keywords must be lean. Both over targeting and under targeting can spoil the search efforts.

Recommended Tools -

MailChimp - to send emails to people who have given you the permission to do so otherwise MailChimp will block you, LinkedIn InMails, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords for PPC Campaigns, Hunter, Blogging

2. Increase Sales

Selling online works best when the product/ service on offer is being sold online or takes just one more step to purchase. It also impacts in-store sales. Most customers search about a product before buying while inside a store. They read reviews, compare prices & competitor products as well. For service providers like physicians, yoga instructors, Digital Marketing can be a game changer since, customers take on to Google right after thinking about availing the service.

  1. We need to ensure the Digital presence of client is very strong. We should ensure the brand keywords throw the right results. For example, if the client is Nike, we need to ensure that
      1. Nike’s website is shown along with the products
      2. Latest tweets by Nike, which is not shown. Tweets should be shown like the image below. (CII is our client)
      1. Reviews about Nike
      1. Nearby Stores that sell Nike Products should be shown
  2. A customer usually researches about a product before they make the final decision to buy and the first place they land is usually the website. It's important to maintain a decent social media presence as well since customers visit the social media channels to read reviews about the product/ service. In our experience a customer visits the site at least twice before making the final purchase decision.
  3. Having a strong Digital presence throws one problem - all customer queries/ problems also come through online. In case of a problem with a purchase, a customer usually turns to the shop where the product was bought from. In this case, the customer can turn to any of the channels from where the company is trying to sell the product - Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Website. So, all these channels need to be manned all the time to ensure a pleasant customer experience. Reviews need to be addressed - both positive & negative to show the potential customers that the brand cares about its customers. We can help our clients by offering them
    1. Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM)
    2. SocialPress CRM app

Recommended Tools -

Google Business, Google Adwords (Search Campaign, Google Product Listing Ads, Facebook Product Ads, SocialPress CRM

3. Brand Awareness

Organisations/ Institutions looking to increase their online visibility are usually non-profits who are trying to reach out to their stakeholders to show them the work they are going; government/ quasi-government agencies who are trying to sensitise their target audience about the programs or policies; corporates who are trying to engage with their customers/ potential customers.; or visionary companies since focusing on Brand Awareness is usually a long term approach towards Digital Marketing. They are usually looking for

  1. Substantial presence on social media - We set strategy towards Social Media Marketing for Brand Awareness. We identify the categories that the organisation should focus on. Then carefully curate content for each of these categories and publish regularly with enhanced frequency. It is important to have paid support increase reach of each post. Social Media Channels should never be looked at free tools of marketing but a cheaper & more effective alternative to tradition form.
  2. Blogging - Writing short crisp articles on the topics best understood by the organisations leads to higher conversion rates. This also places the organisation as a thought leader in their segment.
  3. Live Blogging/ Live Tweeting events is a must for organisations with substantial number of events. It is important to use tools like Facebook/ Twitter Live as well as Webinars with the top leadership. This provides a useful way to connect with the audience.
  4. Connecting Offline efforts with Online - Use of powerful social media products like SocialPress Wall, SocialPress Mirror turns offline stakeholders into online storytellers

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